We encourage all those who campaign to follow the Ethics Centre –

Politicians Pledge.

As originally conceived, the practice of politics is intended to be a noble calling. Yet, without voluntary, ethical restraint, the pursuit and exercise of power risks becoming personal, brutal and self-serving; coarsening the polity, bringing public institutions into disrepute and damaging the common good.

So, consistent with the highest ideals of our profession, I promise that:

In the pursuit of power, I will:

Act in good conscience;

Enable informed decision-making by my fellow citizens;
Respect the intrinsic dignity of all;

Refrain from exploiting my rivals’ private failings for political gain;

and Act so as to merit the trust and respect of the community.

In the exercise of power, I will:

Give effect to the ideals of democratic government and represent the interests of my electorate as a whole;

Abide by the letter and spirit of the Constitution and uphold the rule of law;

Advance the public interest before any personal, sectional or partisan interest;

Hold myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible; and

Exercise the privileges and discharge the duties of public office with dignity, care and honour.

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Women and Government helping Women to get elected.

Federal and Local Government as well as women who have been elected are encouraging and helping women to stand for election to government at all levels.

Australian Local Government Women’s Association – https://www.algwa.net.au

Australian Local Government Women’s Association – NSW Branch – http://www.algwa.org.au

Women for Election — http://www.wfea.org.au

National Council of Women Australia – www.ncwa.org.au

Kiama – Local Elections

I started More than One for 2021 as I wished to do something locally to support women here in Kiama to stand for election.  The aim of this website and the social media sites – More than One for 2021 is to allow those who wish to see more female councillors in Kiama Council to help in whatever way they can. Helping may be – putting a poster for a female or several female candidates in your yard to handing out information flyers to helping a candidate keep track of her election expenses to even running for Council.

Legal Stuff

More than One for 2021 has been registered with NSW Electoral Commission as a Third-party Campaigner.